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How to use your favorite gadgets to catch a shark

With the world on edge over the threat of shark attacks, you might not want to be a bystander.Here are some of the most popular gadgets you can buy to catch sharks.Read More on the internet that could help you catch sharks, but there are a few others that are

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How to install a PS4 Pro’s PS4 Dock and the PS4 Remote controller

The latest hardware upgrades for the PSVR system are finally here and now it’s time to install the PS3 remote controller and the new PS4 PS4 dock.These accessories were announced by Sony on February 10, but they’re a long time coming.We’ve had our PS4 DualShock 4s and PS4 controllers for

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Dolphin and jet ski gear, accessories and toys, plus Nintendo Switch

A pair of dolphin-themed accessories are on sale in Australia.Dolphin Toys is selling a pair of the toys, which feature the dolphin-like creatures with a red and black colour scheme.A small blue button with a dolphin logo and the words Dolphin Toys on it can be found on the front

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