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Why you should stop wearing the flip flops

The flip flop has been around for decades.But its origins lie in a pair of French shoes invented by Pierre-Antoine De La Gourdes.The shoes were popular in the 1920s, but the trend fell off in the 1930s, when the first shoe was made for a man, not a woman.But a

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Which accessories do you like to keep your phone or tablet powered on?

News24: I’ve got some of the coolest Nintendo Switch accessories you can keep your smartphone powered on in.For instance, we have the rechargeable battery for the Joy-Con controllers, the Super Charger for the Switch’s wireless charging port, and the Joy Pad, which is attached to the Joy Cons for a

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Ford Ranger: Car accessories

Ford Ranger, the automaker’s SUV, is one of the best-selling cars in America.Its popularity is tied to the fact that it offers a lot of value.The car is designed with safety in mind and features a spacious interior and a safety feature that’s just as important as it is practical.For

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