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How do you make the perfect coffee table in your garage?

You can spend hours assembling a coffee table, but you can also make one with a few simple items.Read More.Here’s a few tips on how to make a simple, yet sturdy coffee table.Step 1.Find a table that fits.Find an inexpensive table you can fit inside your garage and see if

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XBOX One X1 controller and accessories review

The Xbox One X has finally launched, and with it comes a slew of new accessories and accessories that offer the power to play some of the most popular games from your Xbox.You can check out our roundup of the best Xbox One accessories here, but here are the best

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How to use your bath accessories to clean your bath

The best way to use bath accessories like tubs, rugs and more to clean up a bath is by simply washing them.We’ve covered the basics like a towel, rags and soap, but here are some of the best ways to use these items to clean the bath.1.Washing the tubs and

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How to Use an External Hard Drive to Play Games

Now Playing: Apple’s next flagship phone will have a bigger screen and faster processor than the iPhone 6S Plus.Now Playing:”Why I’m leaving my car for a year in China.”Now Playing”Apple Watch Series 2 review: An elegant watch that does things no one has ever done before”Now Playing”My first year in

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How to get a Mercedes Benz 4Runner 2.5T on eBay: The Ultimate Deal

Mercedes Benz is selling a 2.0T diesel powered 4Runner in India for Rs 2,945 (US$2700).The seller, who goes by the handle ‘Babak’, told ET that he had the car for around two years before deciding to get it.“After a year of use, I decided to buy the car, thinking it

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How to get rid of your griddle: Apple’s new griddle

Apple just announced its new gridders, and I have to admit that I am pretty excited about this new technology. The Apple griddle is a griddle that is made out of aluminum and has a large amount of cooling capacity. It has an aluminum base that is covered with a layer of

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Microsoft announces the launch of Windows 10 accessories synonym

Microsoft announced the launch this week of its Windows 10 accessory synonym for the Xbox One S. The accessory is available in black and white, with blue accents on the lid.It includes a headset jack, USB-C port, and a power plug.It will be available in two versions: a standalone version

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How to find the best gifts for every occasion:

Posted May 11, 2018 05:20:11 For many, Valentine’s Day is the day to start planning their big day with the gift of a cute and cute little fishing boat.But what if you don’t want to spend any money and just want to have fun with your loved ones?Well, there’s a

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