“Ganbar” movie: How ‘The Garden of Words’ came to life

As part of its celebration of Ganbar, The Jerusalem Film Center will debut a new documentary about the popular cartoon series.

The movie, “Garden of Words,” which has a 90-minute runtime, will be the first to tackle the series’ impact on Israel.

The film, which will be screened at the center’s first screening in September, will also explore the influence of the show on Israel’s contemporary art scene.

“The Garden is a very complex and interesting cartoon series, and it’s a series of cartoons that is so influential on the art scene,” said Shimon Pinchas, the director of the film and a professor of visual arts at Tel Aviv University.

“I think Ganbar has the potential to be a kind of model for how Israeli art is created and produced today.”

The film, titled “The Garden: A Tale of the Hebrew Language,” was produced by the Israeli company Istvan and features a cast of well-known cartoonists and illustrators, including the late Shimon Peres and the late Yoav Gonen.

The director of “The Gardens,” David Lachman, said the film will give an insight into how “Gardens of Words” was inspired by the experiences of Israeli artists who were also involved in creating the show.

“In a way, I want to tell the story of how the cartoons came to be and how they became an integral part of the cultural scene of Israel,” Lachmann said.

“It’s a story of people, of the Israeli cartoonists, of those who created the cartoons and of the creators of the art.”

The first installment of the documentary will be released on Sept. 24.

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