How to upgrade your Surface Pro 3’s power supply for the first time

Posted October 12, 2018 05:21:40 A new article from Ars Technic has a look at the Surface Pro’s power system.

It’s not a comprehensive look at its various subsystems, but it gives a sense of the kinds of changes Microsoft is making to the Surface lineup.

The article details a number of new tweaks the company is making on the Surface line.

First, the Surface Book, which was announced in June, now has a new motherboard with a new CPU architecture, called the “Intel Atom X5Y”.

The new chip is built on the 16nm process, and it supports both Intel’s Atom C3560 and Core M CPUs.

This is a very important change for the Surface and the new Intel Atom architecture.

Next, the new Surface Pro 2 has an integrated GPU that can be configured for different performance and power profiles, and its new keyboard now has two sets of keys, instead of just one.

That means you can change the way the keyboard works on the Pro 2 for different tasks, such as a video editor, and switch between them while the Pro 3 is charging.

The new Surface Book also has an improved keyboard that can read text on any Surface Book display.

The Pro 3 has an updated GPU that supports 4K video, and the Surface Pen can also now be used to do things like take notes, annotate photos, and do voice control.

The Surface Pro 4 is also a lot faster and more powerful than its predecessor, and is more powerful at its base price, but still has a lot of room for improvement.

The company is also making some changes to its keyboard too.

Its now a single button, with two options for keys that are both a number and an arrow.

The old keyboard was designed to be used with both left and right-handed people, but now you can switch between the left and the right buttons by holding down the right side of the Surface Key.

Also, the “slider” on the keyboard now works much better, making it easier to type with the side buttons in a way that doesn’t leave you looking at the wrong side of your keyboard.

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The next changes are for the USB Type-C ports.

They’re now located at the top of the device, where they can accept either Type-A or Type-P connectors, and they’re a little smaller.

That’s great for portability and compatibility with other USB Type C devices, but you’ll want to use a Type-T connector with the Surface pen to charge the Surface battery, and Type-R connectors to charge your Surface Pen.

Also on the bottom of the port is a small slot for the docking station, so you can plug it into the Surface Dock for charging, or it can be used as a USB 3.0 port for charging your Surface laptop.

The port is also used for audio.

Surface Laptops, and other devices, can use this slot to connect to either Type A or Type P audio adapters, but that requires a Type C adapter to connect.

You can also connect the Surface Touch Bar, which can be a fingerprint reader and keyboard, to the port, but the Surface T500 doesn’t.

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