How to replace your wedding band

You might not realise that your wedding bands are already so outdated, but a new study has found that you can use them to replace them with something better, if you’re willing to buy them.

The study, conducted by Oxford University, looked at what wedding bands cost in the UK and found that the cheapest ones cost around £100 to replace. 

The study also looked at the average cost of a wedding band and found, “In general, the cost of replacement is not high because a replacement band will have the same function, such as providing protection to the neck and chest area, as the original band.”

The study looked at bands that cost less than £300 and found they cost less to replace as well, as they have lower prices in the supermarket.

The average replacement cost for a wedding ring was £140, while for a bridesmaid’s wedding ring, it was £145.

“In addition, the ring will not be permanently worn out,” the study found.

The report also found that some wedding bands had “deteriorating” properties, and “are not designed to last as long as the manufacturer recommends”.

You can read the full report on the Oxford University website.

The cost of replacing your wedding ring is not cheap (Photo credit: Oxford University)Replacement rings for men, however, were cheaper, costing between £140 and £180, and some were cheaper than the price of a replacement ring.

The price of wedding rings is also often lower in supermarkets than the cost in shops.

Some wedding bands have “decorative” designs and “exquisite designs”, such as the “Cadet” style.

You can also find a selection of wedding bands that have a “trim” or “cushion” design, or a “satin” finish.

However, you may need to ask for a “cute” ring if you are buying a new wedding ring.

There are also some wedding band types that you might want to consider replacing if you find them to be too expensive, such “gilded” and “pale gold” wedding bands. 

For a complete list of wedding band brands, go to Oxford University’s website and look at the price for each brand.

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Do you think replacing your favourite wedding band will be cheaper?

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