Mario’s ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ sequel looks to be a Wii U exclusive

Mario’s latest “Super Mario” adventure has been given a Wii US release date of June 23, with the game being set to launch on Wii U. Wii U was announced earlier this year and Nintendo has been looking to expand its console lineup. 

Nintendo confirmed on Twitter that it was “looking to launch a new Mario game for the Nintendo Wii U this year” and is also “considering bringing it to other platforms.” 

The game will reportedly have “new content, a new protagonist, and more.” 

A Wii U launch date is a big deal for the console maker as it is the first one to launch and its launch has become the biggest milestone for the company’s console. 

The Mario franchise has been the driving force behind Nintendo’s success for years and Mario has become a popular series among fans and critics alike. 

Since launching the Wii U in November 2013, Nintendo has shipped more than 10.7 million units. 

It has sold more than 1.7 billion units worldwide and is the most popular console of all time. 

With Mario Odyssey, Nintendo will finally have a game that is on par with the success of its previous “Mario Tennis” series. 

This new “Super Luigi” title will be the first to launch in the series since 2009’s “SuperMario Bros.” on Wii. 

“Super Mario,” “Super Peach,” and “Super Paper Mario” are all trademarks of Nintendo.

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