When it comes to guns, the government has a ‘tough stance’ on accessories

The federal government has tightened gun regulations in the past decade to help ease public concerns about gun violence, including the availability of weapons that are legal in Canada and that are accessible to civilians.

A number of new accessories have been approved to allow people to own firearms without having to go through the cumbersome background check process.

These include: Handguns with a folding stock and a magazine.

Handguns that have a detachable magazine and a capacity of 10 rounds or more.

Handgun with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds and a grip that can be attached to a firearm.

The government also said it will review the way that accessories are sold to ensure that the accessories are accessible and that they don’t infringe on a person’s right to own a firearm under Canadian law.

But there’s a caveat.

The accessories will have to be made in Canada.

The accessory manufacturer will have the right to market and sell the product in Canada under certain conditions, such as that the accessory can’t be sold without a licence.

And the accessory will have been produced in Canada, and the accessory must be registered with the government in order to be sold in Canada legally.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, former federal minister of public safety and emergency preparedness Kevin Page, who is now a political analyst, said there is a “tough, but not unreasonable” stance on guns.

“You can’t say, ‘I don’t like the colour red,’ ” he said.

The accessories could also be used in an emergency. “

What we’re saying is that you have to have some measure of protection from the government, and you have some degree of control over how these products are marketed, manufactured, sold, and used in Canada.”

The accessories could also be used in an emergency.

Page said the federal government is considering an amendment to the Criminal Code that would allow a firearm to be used as a weapon in a public emergency.

A law passed in 2014 allows someone to use a firearm in a way that could be considered a “public emergency.”

He said this means that a person could be charged with a crime for taking a gun from a crime scene, even if that person didn’t actually commit the crime.

Page also said that while the new legislation could be a good thing, the proposed changes to the firearms act could cause “great problems” for gun owners.

“There are some people who are going to be hurt by this, and there are some who are not,” he said in the interview.

Page told The Globe that he has spoken to many gun owners who have contacted him to say they have concerns about the proposed legislation.

He said that the “tougher stance” on accessories will also affect the legal access of guns to the public.

“This is a very, very tough thing to do, because it means that if you own a gun in Canada or you own one in the U.S., it’s not legal in both countries to possess that gun in the other country, and then go to a gun show, or buy a gun online or buy ammunition from a store, or to sell that gun to someone else,” he explained.

“It would also mean that if there’s an accident in Canada that puts you in danger, that you could be held criminally liable.”

However, he said there are still some exemptions in the new law, including for the sale of “personal protection weapons,” which includes firearms that are registered with provincial or territorial governments.

“So in the case of the personal protection weapon exemption, you can still sell that in Canada,” he added.

“But if it’s a handgun, you cannot sell that handgun to someone in Canada unless it’s registered with a provincial or territory government.”

The minister added that he believes that “many people” will find it “impractical” to go to gun shows, buy ammunition or firearms from stores.

“They can’t go to the gun show and buy ammunition,” he told The Mail.

“And there are a lot of ways that you can go about doing that.”

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