Polaris has new flagship products

Polaris will introduce new products at the event to compete with Armani, Louis Vuitton and Prada. 

The brand has been trying to push into the luxury goods market in recent times.

It has launched a number of new products, such as the Armanis Pristine and the Louis Vuittons Black Label.

In March, Polaris launched a range of new accessories, including the Armans Pristines Black Label, the Louis Voses Black Label and the Prada Accessories Armanic line.

The new Polaris range is the third consecutive batch of new Polarises that Polaris says will be available in India.

Earlier, Polarises new line of Polaris-branded accessories was launched in March 2017 in France, and in October 2017 in Italy.

In August 2017, Polarisi announced that its first foray into India would be in the fashion and cosmetics industry.