Why do some cyclists prefer the bicycle?

By Anne Hagen and David Macdonald | October 13, 2018 12:54:29By Anne HagensDANBURY, Ont.

(AP) Bikepacking enthusiasts tend to have a love-hate relationship with bikes.

Many cyclists, after all, love to cycle through city streets with their kids, so what are they complaining about?

Some bike lovers love to ride them as their daily commute to work.

Others say the extra weight and bulk of a bike means they have to be careful.

But for some, the bicycle is a personal luxury.

Some riders say they want a bike that can carry everything from a laptop to a child’s bicycle seat, or to carry the children of their close friends and relatives.

Others say they don’t want a bulky bike that is difficult to maintain.

And still others say they just don’t feel like biking, even though they can commute on the same type of bike that’s been seen at a recent bike ride across the city.

A number of bike lovers are taking matters into their own hands.

One of those bike-owning enthusiasts is Stephanie Henneman.

She’s been riding a few hundred kilometres a week for years, but she’s had a few bad trips along the way.

She has a very particular kind of bike.

She said she has never been comfortable riding a bike while riding her daughter.

“I don’t know if she’s ever ridden a bike when she’s not in school, when she can’t walk around,” she said.

She also said she doesn’t enjoy riding on the sidewalk.

“It’s just kind of hard, especially on the road.

It’s just not what I like to do.”

There’s a lot of other people on bikes and it’s just annoying.

“In a recent trip across the province, she was riding a small white bicycle and noticed a woman in her 20s who was riding her bicycle without any gear.”

She was looking down at the road and she had her helmet on and she just looked at me and said, ‘I can’t even get my bike to turn,'” Hennemans said.”

And I said, well, what’s the matter with you?

You’ve got your bike on.

“The woman told her to take it off and to get on with it, she said, before Hennemaker stopped her on the highway and asked what she was doing.

She told her the bike was too heavy, and the woman was very disappointed.”

My response was, ‘Well, if you want to have my bike, then go ahead and get on the bike,'” Hennaemans recalled.”

Then I was like, ‘You’ve got to understand.

If I don’t get on that bike, the police won’t let me get on it.

I’ve got nothing to lose.’

“The woman said, and I quote, ‘If you don’t do this, I’m not going to get my kids off this bike.'”

Hennemes bike was impounded.

“When you have someone who has such a strong opinion about a bike, I mean, it’s like they’ve got an agenda,” she added.

“You’re going to have to understand that if you don’s want to go on this bike, you’re going get your kids off.”

In an effort to reduce the number of impounded bikes, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has set up a bike share program to provide free bicycle parking for commuters.

Henneman said the program has helped her.

“With a bike you can just go to the store, go to your home and pick it up at home and you’re safe,” she explained.

“But now you can get off and go out for a bike ride.”

Hennemaker said she also likes that her bike is now a safe haven for her family.

“They’ve been very helpful, so I’m just thankful that I’m able to ride,” she told CBC News.

But some bike lovers say the bike share model has its downsides.

In the past, bike share bikes have been impounded because they are being stolen, or are being used for fraud, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

The police say bikes can be used for theft up to $500,000.

The province says the bike sharing model is intended to help people get around town safely, while reducing the number and severity of bike thefts.

But the police say there are already bikes in circulation that are being confiscated.

A spokesperson for the ministry said bike sharing has already reduced bike thefts across the country by nearly 80 per cent since it launched in July.

The spokesperson said there have been no reported bike thefts on Ontario’s roads since June 1.

However, the spokesperson said the ministry is aware of a few instances of people attempting to use bikes as weapons, and will take enforcement action against those who attempt to do so.

The ministry said it is working with the Ontario Police Service, the Ministry of Health, the provincial licensing and standards authority, and local police to

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