Glock handguns get a boost with new accessory

Glock pistols are one of the most popular firearms of the 21st century, but it’s not just the guns that are getting a makeover.

The accessories for the guns are getting updated too.

The first accessory for the Glock pistol that is coming soon is a holster.

The Glock has a holsters for the slide, buttstock, and grip that attach to the frame, making it a lot easier to carry.

It is currently the only handgun that doesn’t have a built-in holster.

The holsters will be available at the Glocks launch event, but they are not coming to the U.S. The Holster accessory will be exclusive to the Glockeys in Europe and Asia.

This is part of the larger strategy for Glocks worldwide, according to Glocks VP of Global Product Management, Nick Lattin.

They are looking to be the next generation of holsters, and the new holster will bring a lot of new functionality to the gun, Lattisaid.

The new holster comes with a small clip for carrying a handgun.

The clip attaches to the left side of the gun and allows for a quick clip-and-go holster.

Lattin said the clip is designed to fit the grips of the pistols, allowing you to slide it over the pistol when not in use.

The holster clip is small enough to fit in a wallet or briefcase, and it also fits around the barrel of the handgun.

The Holster will come in two different colors, black and tan, and will come with two holsters.

The black holster will come packaged in a carrying case, while the tan holster will be the only color available.

The holster clip will be interchangeable with other holsters made for the pistol, Lott said.

There are two colors available for the holster clip, black or tan.

The colors will be released in the future, Lettin said.

The tan holster is the only holster that comes with its own clip.

The next Glocks accessories are available for purchase in the GloCoins shop.

The first item is the Glocking Lock, which comes in two colors: black and blue.

It will come attached to the back of the pistol and has an adjustable spring loaded locking ring that is compatible with all types of holster clips.

The Glocking is available for $199 and comes with three holsters: a pistol grip, an ambidextrous pistol grip and a locking ring.

The pistol grip comes in a black and orange color scheme, and is available in two sizes: 4.5″ and 8.5″.

The Glocks new accessory for a Glock will come out at a later date, but we know that it is a significant step forward in the gun’s accessory offerings.

The gun is also getting a new gun belt and holster clip.

The belt is made from a polymer material and has a belt loop that is removable, which allows the belt to be worn on the belt loop of a pistol or any other accessory.

The gun belt will be made out of a lightweight polyurethane, which is a material that will last a long time, according Lattinsaid.

Locks are another accessory coming for the gun.

Locks will come made of plastic and will be compatible with a variety of holstered holsters as well as pistol holsters that attach securely to the sides of the belt.

Lott said that this new accessory will come to the American market soon, which should give Glocks a big push in the coming months.

The new Glocks will be in stores in January and February, but Latt said that they plan to be able to make it to the United States by the end of the year.

Glocks new accessories for Glock pistols are also coming soon.

The holsters are being made available in the new gun’s accessories shop, but there is no word on availability or price.

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