What you need to know about Nissan’s new Travel Accessories and Travel Gear

Nissan announced this week that it is introducing a range of travel accessories and travel gear in 2018.

The range will be made available in the UK, US and Australia, starting in February.

The accessories include a range travel backpack, travel vest, travel trousers, backpack shoes, head cover, ear cover, luggage cover and travel bag.

Nissan says the range will “make travel easy and fun”.

It also says the accessories will come with an on-board battery and charger, which can be used with a range charger.

The backpack will come in the following sizes:Medium (1.6kg, 1,865cc)Medium (2kg, 2,400cc)Large (4kg, 5,200cc)XLarge (6kg , 6,900cc)The vest will come as a medium (2.4kg), a large (4.6 kg) and a large+XLarge+ (6.2 kg).

The travel trousers will come (in grey) and (in blue) and are expected to launch later in 2018, with an expected price tag of $50 to $80 (NZD).

Nissan said it was making the accessories to appeal to “all travel types, from casual travellers to the adventurous”.

The backpack and vest will be available in white, black, grey and black/grey, while the other accessories will be in a grey, black and grey/grey color scheme.

The company says it will also be offering travel cover and accessories in the US in the second half of 2018.

Nike, JCPenney, Under Armour, Target, Gap, and Adidas have all signed on to the range.

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