When will the next Toyota Supra become available in America?

The next Toyota vehicle, codenamed the Supra, is expected to hit the American market in 2021.

The next Toyota car is also expected to have a 3-D digital dashboard, according to Automotive News, and be able to drive on highway and city streets at speeds of up to 60 mph.

The next car, the Toyota Highlander, will be a hybrid vehicle, but it will have a 4-cylinder engine instead of the usual 2-cyl.

Toyota is also working on an all-electric hybrid version of the Highlander, but that car is unlikely to be available until at least 2021.

The new model of the Toyota Supras will be built at the Toyota Assembly plant in Toyota’s hometown of Nogales, Mexico.

At that plant, the first batch of Supras are expected to arrive in 2019.

“The next model of Toyota Suprashapes will have two doors, a large hatchback, a crossover SUV, a small hatchback and a small SUV,” Automotive news reported.

Automotive News says the next model will be called the Highlander.

Last month, Toyota announced that the first vehicle to be made with a 3D digital dash will be the Highlander model.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled the Toyota Prius, a plug-in hybrid that will be available later this year.

The Highlander will be an “advanced hybrid” with a battery that can run for about 300 miles, and Toyota said the vehicle will have an EPA-rated range of up.6 miles.

There will be some changes to the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Camrys, Toyota Highlander and the Prius.

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