How to get your Kawasaki mules up to scratch

A little knowledge of the Kawasaki Motorcycles world will get you up to speed on a number of accessories that are available for your Kawasas mules.

Here’s everything you need to know about mules and accessories on the Kawasans new model.

Aero Kit Kawasaki Mule Accessories The Kawasaki Aero Kit is a set of accessories designed specifically for the mules, including a headrest, rear spoiler, fog lights, rear fog lights and rear lights.

The kit comes with a range of accessories and comes with everything you’ll need to set it up.

If you don’t want to deal with a kit, you can also purchase a complete mule set.

There are some differences between the Aero Kit and the Aero kit ford.

Firstly, the Aero Kits rear fog light has a blue reflector and is white in colour instead of black.

This allows the rider to set the reflector colour as a colour to match their mules colours.

Secondly, the kit comes fitted with a headlight unit.

You can choose between an LED or a regular flash.

Also, there are two front fog lights with different colours to match the colour of the kit.

Lastly, the kits headlight units have a small LED on the side of the unit which you can control with a simple remote control.

So how does it work?

The Kawasaki team is aiming to deliver the Aero kits mules with a number or combinations of features that will help you get your mules riding and running smoothly.

The kit includes a head unit with a LED headlight that you can turn on and off, a front fog light, a rear foglight, a fog light and a fog unit.

The head unit can also be set to either a standard or high beam light, and you can set the beam level of the beam as well.

Additionally, the mule has a tail light unit that is controlled by the remote control and can be turned on and turned off.

Another new feature is a remote control that can be used to set up a number, or combinations, of features for your mule.

For example, if you are wanting to turn a taillight on or off at night and a high beam on at day, the remote can be controlled to turn on a high light at night, turn off a tail lights at night or turn on the high beam at day.

Each feature is then set up with the remote and the remote is connected to the multer.

Finally, if the mute feature is set up, the receiver on the remote will be muted so the rider can’t hear the mutes signals.

Kawasaki is hoping the muellers will offer a variety of features, like speedo, an ABS and a heated grips package.

Some of the other accessories you can buy for the kit include a head lamp, an air freshener, fog light mounts and a tail lamp unit.

There is also a head light unit to turn off fog lights at the front.

How do I buy a mule?

Once you’ve bought the kit, the next step is to go to your local Kawasaki dealer.

Find the Kawashima dealer nearest you, and they can show you how to buy the kit and make sure you get the right accessories for your bike.

Here are a few tips to get you on the right track: Have your mute function turned on before you go out and buy the Aero, and get yourself a tail unit and fog light.

Check out the head light kit, and if you want to see what the kit has to offer, go online and check the Kawamis website.

Have a look at the online listings for the kits mule and fog lights.

The accessories you’ll want to buy for your new mules are listed below.

These are all accessories that can either be ordered individually or as a set.

Some of the accessories can be pre-ordered as a kit but are not yet available.

It’s worth noting that all the accessories that come with the mazes kit are covered by a warranty, so it is a good idea to check that any accessories you purchase are covered.

Make sure you check out the range of products available to you to find what you want.

The range of mules products available from Kawasaki are designed to be a little bit more flexible, so some of the options may not suit you and you may need to take on some of those extras yourself.

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