How to get the best travel accessories for the budget traveler

Travelers are getting a lot of travel accessories these days.

There’s the iPhone XS Max, the Samsung Galaxy S8, and now there’s the new Google Home.

The Google Home is a virtual assistant that can be controlled from your phone or tablet, and it comes with a handful of accessories.

One of them is the Google Home Pro.

The Google Home Pros include two microphones for voice control, a built-in speaker, and a micro USB port that you can plug into your computer for charging.

It’s basically a tiny version of the Amazon Echo.

Google Home Pros come in three colors, a gold one, and three white colors.

Google says you can buy them for $69.99 on or at its store, but that’s only if you buy the Google Assistant bundle, which includes the Google Cardboard and Google Home speaker.

You can also get the Google Pixel 2 Pro, a $129.99 version that comes with two microphones, a micro-USB port, and two speaker stands.

If you want to get more than just Google Home, the Amazon Alexa speaker and the Google Chromecast are available for just $19.99.

They can also be used as a remote control.

As a travel companion, the Google Wifi Headphones are $50, but the headphones come with Bluetooth headphones and a USB port.

The headphones also come with a wireless earbud.

If you want a Bluetooth headset, you’ll have to buy the $39.99 Echo Speaker.

In case you need a reminder, the Pixel 2 comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

You’ll have the option of getting 64GB or 128GB.

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