‘I’m not the one who should be in jail’: Canadian mom accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter

A Canadian mother who allegedly shot and killed her two years-old girl after she accidentally left her in the bathtub has been ordered to spend three months in jail.

Jamiel Shaw’s husband, Mark Shaw, says his wife has to spend four months in custody because of her actions.

He says she’s not the woman she’s portrayed to be.

In a statement, the Ontario Court of Justice said that Shaw is not the person that she has been made to appear to be in her initial court appearance.

“In light of the circumstances, the court considers it appropriate to impose a custodial sentence of three months on Jamiels husband, Mr. Mark Shaw.

The court also orders Mr. Shaw to be placed on a no contact list for at least a period of time,” the court said.

The Ontario Court says Shaw is also not the “one who should” be in prison.

She was charged in December with second-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Kaelynn Shaw, who died on March 23.

According to court documents, a resident of Woodstock, Ont., Kaelyn was in the tub at a home on the outskirts of Toronto when Shaw allegedly left her there and then drove away.

A search of the home turned up a backpack with a handgun in it, and police discovered a dead child inside the backpack.

Kaelynn’s death led to the release of a video by police showing a 911 caller identifying her as Shaw’s daughter.

Shaw was charged with second degree murder and her trial is set for June 11.

Toronto police have not commented on the court’s decision.