The Toyota Aurora, the ultimate convertible toy

The American Conservatives has some very exciting news for you.

This is a convertible, so that means it will be a Toyota.

The Aurora is the second of the two Aurora convertible toys that will be coming to North America this year, and the first of the Aurora series to come to Europe. 

The Aurora was unveiled last year at the Tokyo Toy Show, and is the first to have a fully electric motor.

It will be powered by the same 3.0L EcoBoost petrol engine as the first Aurora, and it’s got an 8.6L twin-turbo V6 that is rated for 350hp.

The Aurora will be available in three colours, which are blue, red, and black, along with three interior options: the interior with black leather and a red dash, the interior and roof, and a full leather interior.

It’ll come in a black or grey color scheme, too. 

As we’ve seen with the other Aurora models, the Aurora’s interior will feature a leather-wrapped dash, as well as a leather armrest.

There will also be a headrest and leather pedals, and an 18-inch touchscreen.

Inside, the car will sport a 10.1-inch display, with a 3D touch screen.

It has a 3.3-inch touch screen on the dash, and there are also five ambient light sensors on the floor.

It also comes with an audio system with a built-in speaker.

The car will come with a navigation system with six-speaker stereo, which will work with a SiriusXM Satellite radio.

The interior of the vehicle will feature leather seats, and leather-trimmed carpets.

It is also possible to change the colour of the car’s interior depending on which colour of seats you want.

The interior is also fully adjustable. 

It is also the first car to feature an automatic transmission, but the Aurora will only come with the automatic gearbox.

The automatic transmission is also a hybrid, so it uses the same petrol engine, but is able to make 200hp. 

Toyota Aurora – specs and performance Toyotas are usually a bit of a mystery, but now the Toyota Aurora will have an official unveiling.

This will be held on May 17 at the Toyo Show in Japan, and we expect a lot more to come from the new Toyota in the months to come. 

According to Toyo, the new Aurora will make use of the same technology found in the Toyota Prius Prime.

The Prius uses a 5.0-litre engine, and its output is rated at 5.8L. 

This is the engine that powers the Prius, and that engine will be used to power the new Prius Aurora. 

If you’re curious, the Priuses petrol engine is the same one that powers Tesla’s Model 3. 

What we know about the Aurora

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