How to make your own wedding accessories

We all have the same basic requirements when it comes to wedding accessories, so if you’re looking to add something to your collection, here are a few simple tips to help you get started.1.

Choose a color that matches your style2.

Make sure the design looks great and feels right for you3.

Create a list of what accessories you’d like to get and shop for them online4.

If you can’t find what you want on the market, find a vendor who can deliver it to you5.

Find the perfect wedding accessory in your size and price range and shop online6.

Choose the right accessories to get in your home7.

Don’t be afraid to ask the vendor for suggestions8.

Ask the vendor what they’re going to do to get your accessories delivered9.

Shop the accessories online and see what’s available in the store10.

Don,t hesitate to ask questions11.

Ask about other vendors offering the same accessory, or the vendor with the most to offer you in your budget12.

Make your selection based on what you like about the item and the person who made it13.

Make a list and plan your wedding accessories14.

Share your list with the vendors and find a new supplier15.

Donate to a vendor and get them to deliver to your home or apartment16.

Take photos and share them with the wedding photographers and vendors who work with you17.

Keep your wedding to yourself18.

Keep a wedding party and invite your friends to join you19.

Have your wedding party at home20.

Make the most of your wedding day by spending more time together21.

Make gifts and get out of the house, and don’t forget to leave your shoes and wedding attire at home22.

Don the costume you want to wear, and make sure your dress fits you in person23.

Be respectful of the guests and guests’ space24.

Bring the bride to your wedding and ask if you can stay for dinner or a movie25.

Have an art party26.

Go on a trip and see the world27.

Be a part of a party28.

Take part in a movie29.

Attend a dance class30.

Take your wedding photos and video with your friends and family31.

Go for a run32.

Have a party and share your wedding experience with others33.

Dress your wedding guests up as your favorite characters and put on a great show for everyone who attends!34.

Go to a concert and get your wedding dress to match your costume35.

Organize a celebration, party, or event with your family and friends36.

Go camping37.

Enjoy a weekend on the beach38.

Have dinner together39.

Take a trip together40.

Buy gifts from vendors in your neighborhood41.

Make homemade and sell them to other people42.

Use your wedding registry to create and share gift certificates43.

Buy a gift certificate to a local church for the bride’s birthday44.

Make crafts and make a new one for your special someone45.

Have fun with your guests at your wedding46.

Share a photo on social media to celebrate your special day!47.

Buy an autographed picture48.

Have people make your favorite crafts and share the photos on social and other platforms49.

Buy your favorite cake and eat it at the end of the day50.

Buy more cake for your guests51.

Take an online survey and share on social platforms52.

Create an online photo album for your wedding ceremony and invite friends to check out your wedding pictures53.

Get a certificate from your local government to display in your local church54.

Create and share a blog to keep track of all the weddings that you and your friends have been to55.

Make new wedding gifts56.

Buy wedding accessories and share those with your community57.

Find a vendor that specializes in custom wedding accessories58.

Make wedding favors for your friends59.

Join a social event to celebrate a wedding anniversary60.

Get married at your favorite place in the city and celebrate your life61.

Take time to be alone with your loved ones and enjoy a meal together, wine, or beer62.

Take pictures of the entire wedding party, including your friends63.

Find someone who’s planning a trip to your hometown and make them your official wedding photographer64.

Have all the food you want for your next event65.

Make custom bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmom, and you can have them made to match any outfit66.

Bring a couple of your favorite people and make it special67.

Dress up as a musician or entertainer to perform at your next dance event68.

Make birthday and holiday cards for your loved one69.

Organized a birthday party to celebrate the birthdays of your friends70.

Take the day off work to spend time with friends and enjoy dinner together71.

Buy gift cards for friends and celebrate with them72.

Buy new shoes for your kids to wear on your wedding night73.

Make some new wedding invitations74.

Have guests dress up as friends and guests dress down75.

Buy clothes for your family

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