When will the next VapeXtreme V2 arrive?

VapeXTreme is now a reality.

And the new V2 is finally here.

Vapextreme is an ultra-compact vape that can fit in your pocket, and is easy to conceal and transport.

You can also carry it with you everywhere you go.

Vapewear is also a big fan of the new device.

The company is launching an all-new line of Vapelink, the first fully functional Bluetooth vape that comes with an app that lets you control the device remotely.

You get all of the functionality from VapeXLink, but the app also comes with a host of new features like a built-in battery that lasts for up to an hour.

There’s also a new mode called “Lip Sync” that lets users switch their vape from one device to another as soon as they’re in close proximity.

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